Photo Album

Room set up to paint with brushes canvas and more
Mrs. Rennie and Mrs. Manigult in the gymnatorium
students sitting at tables with white t-shirts that they are designing with paints and blocks
Wine and design volunteers in the arm room
school entryway decorated
family exercising in the gym
rock table set up with plastic, sharpie markers
information table with red tablecloth and pink and red balloons
people in the gym doing push ups with the exercise co-ordinaters on the stage
group photo of Edison teachers, staff, administration and volunteers for community night
groups of students seated at tables designing their white t-shirts
volunteers at the fruit screwer tables
assorted cupcake table
kids dancing in the gym along with large children's figures
close up of security guard photos and sign in sheet
children and families grabbing snack in the snack room
Kindness station with free books and information pamplets
Entry security desk decorated in red and pink
cupcake and cookies decorating stations
girls showing off their decorated cookies and cup cakes
mother and son decorating a cup cake
happy family and volunteer at the paint station
happy family showing off their painting
families and children painting at the painting station
Edison Group Photo of Staff
Students sitting at tables and potting plants
Family in hallway holding diy shirts, a painting and a plant
4 people on stage doing push ups
Students sitting at tables and painting canvases
Students painting rocks on table