Photo Album

School entryway decorated in a fall theme
close up of a scarecrow sitting on a barrel of hay with fall flowers around it
parents enterring the school yard into the auditorium
volunteers at the table giving information on vitamins
Information Table about Mammography
Artist selling flower paintings
Representatives of Go handing out brochures
UC Finest FireMan, Police Officer and Rescue Representatives
officer Diaz handing out gifts of hand sanitizer and bracelets to the kids
parents gathered in the school yard talking to one another
mothers getting information at the family center table
family center table representatives waving hello with a little boy smiling in front of the table
parents gathered in the front of the annex building waiting to go in to meet the Edison Administration
Eating Healthy table with representative giving little sample of fresh fruit
Parents waiting on line for a hot dog
mother giving information to the breast awareness representative at their table
artist at the art table with a friend
office Blanca Diaz and a fellow Male officer at their UC Safety table
Union City Fireman at their table with information to keep homes safe
Director of Community Affair Ms. Juaquin and BOE Trustee Velazquez with Edison Teacher selling UCBOE sports wear
Parents buying uniform tops
kids and families playing in the school yard
Edison Administration and volunteers selling the new logo sweatshirts
parent liaison Vanderhost, Ms. Spenser, Ms. Calabrese, and a parent volunteer at the table to sell the new logo sweatshirts
Edison Female Administration at the new Logo Sweatshirt table
Mrs. Vanderhorst and two parent volunteers at the art studio table
Spencer, walid, callabrese
capt. phillips, supt abbatto, m. juaquin, walid, velaszuqez
spencer, walid, abbatto, calabrese, manigault
Principal Miqbel and family
UC PD with miqbel and his sons